Internet Penetration through Smartphones in Nigeria

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Btechstories: Internet Penetration

Internet Penetration for the purpose of this piece deals with a quick survey between two adjoining communities bordering Lagos. The quick survey empirically made use of and relied on smartphones which are usually internet-enabled as a parameter to gauge and/or measure the level of internet penetration in Nigeria’s community with Agbado-Oja and Agbado Oke-Aro, two adjoining communities which are border communities to Lagos State as a case study.

The idea behind owning a smartphone which is usually internet-enabled by most people is to at least connect to social media and Instant Messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, etc. The number of Nigerians on social media is one of the highest in the world. Therefore, without necessarily conducting any survey, it is obvious smartphones have greatly aided internet penetrations in Nigeria. This explains the reason why the Government of Nigeria are thinking of regulating the social media, especially in the wake of carnages caused by the hijack of the #endsars peaceful protest in most state of the country, which the Government of the day attributed to the misuse of the social media by Nigerians.

However, a quick and empirical survey still needs to be conducted to ascertain if truly smartphone acquisition has really helped in fast-tracking internet penetration in Nigeria.

In the quick survey involving 34 Respondents of 17 each from the adjoining communities which are border communities to Lagos, it was discovered that 12 out of 17 phone users make use of smartphones which accounts for 70.6% of the Respondents in Agbado Oja community, while the remaining 5 Respondents accounted for 29.4% of the survey, say they are satisfied with the use of non-smartphones devices, meaning they won’t be able to run apps like WhatsApp or Telegram but will still be able to access miniatured version of Facebook and Twitter.

Similarly, in the adjoining community of Agbado Oke-Aro, amongst another set of 17 Respondents, 10 Respondents accounting for approximately 59% of the survey are ardent users of smartphones, while 7 Respondents representing 41% do not have interest in using smartphones.

Find below a pie chart representation of the quick conducted survey.

Btechstories: Internet Penetration through Smartphones in Nigeria

Bearing this in mind, it is imperative to consider certain factors such as age group, cost of smartphones and sometimes level of literacy of individual may be responsible for owning a smartphone or not. For example, large numbers of young people make use of smartphones at least to get connected to social media, hence a stern call for its regulations. The other age groups are market women and other sets of people that engage in informal jobs and just needed to be able to pick their calls.

In all, the level of internet penetration in Nigerian communities will continue to increase especially as Government is considering calling for the further crash of costs of data. The competition amongst telecom operators may still force down data prices, while the entrants of more smartphone brands may help to drastically reduce the cost of smartphones and help ensure more internet penetration through smartphones.

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