YouTube launches COVID-19 shelf on homepage

As the world battles the novel coronavirus and efforts are ongoing to cure the COVID-19 strain, tech companies have taken central stage in the battle against it and in a new effort, YouTube as launched a COVID-19 shelf right on its homepage to serve up news and authoritative content about the virus.

Announcing it on Twitter, the company said;

We want everyone to have access to authoritative content during this trying time, so we’re launching a COVID-19 news shelf on our homepage in 16 countries. We’ll expand to more countries, as well.

According to The Verge, the new section will be visible in all the hot zones including US, UK, Brazil, India and some other countries altogether 16 at launch.

The reports adds that this section will utilize special algorithm for adding content based on relevance to coronavirus, region, and how authoritative it is – it must be from a recognised health institution or local health authorities.

Earlier in the week Google announced it has taken down several misleading and misinforming videos about the COVID-19 strain and the coronavirus.

“We’re also removing COVID-19 misinformation on YouTube, Google Maps, our developer platforms like Play, and across ads. On YouTube, we’ve taken down thousands of videos relating to dangerous and misleading coronavirus information, and we continue to remove videos that promote medically unproven methods in preventing coronavirus in place of seeking medical treatment,” said Sundar Pichai.

On Google Playstore, Google has disabled all searches about coronavirus – meaning all searches for coronavirus or COVID-19 will return “no results found.” In some regions however, Google has curates some apps which will serve helpful information to people living in that part do the world.