Where’s Gmail dark mode option?

Gmail finally released the dark side of things last week but a lot of iPhone and Android users still don’t have access to this new cool feature.

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Well here’s why, if you’re running the latest version of the Android OS which is Android 10 and running iOS 13 then you will get the option to change your theme under Gmail’s settings but if you’re still on the Android Pie train it means you’d have to wait until your brand release an upgrade to the latest Android 10 if you’re on Android or upgrade your iPhone to iOS 13.

Samsung has started rolling out Android 10 in some regions while other brands are actively working on making the new firmware available to their customers. Xiaomi is also reported to have released the Android 10 upgrade in certain regions but it’s not global just yet.

Gmail dark mode is out and real but only available on the latest OS of your platform.