Ways to use your phones wisely and avoid health issues

More and more people are spending countless hours per week using the internet, sending emails  and using instant message connections. So much attention is placed on what the technology can do, how much information it it puts at the tips of our fingers and how much cheaper it is becoming, comparatively little attention has been paid to the issue of how to use technology wisely. Research has shown that 46%of men check their cell phone first thing in the morning, and even before going to bed. What is so important that your entire life momentarily comes to a standstill as we check our phone? You need to see who’s gotten in touch with you and lately? What is happening in the world?   

Do you know constantly using your phone can cause some damage to your health. In fact, many studies are now conducted to examine the correlation between cell phones and health concerns or risks. Here are some questions researchers are trying to answer.

  • Do they cause brain tumors?
  • Are phone users experiencing radiation?
  • Is any cell phone safe? 

Since millions of people around the world use cell phone on a daily, if not hourly basis, this is a serious issue that needs to be examined. The presence and use of cell phones has led to concerns about how this daily drivers have contributed to our emotions, individual’s stress levels, possible ricks of illness, chronic pain, immune system health and even vision problems.

Ways to use your phones wisely

1. Say no to driving and texting     

Driving and texting can cause serious hazard to you and other drivers around you beyond the fact that cell phone emits radiation. Studies have shown that texting while driving is actually worse than driving while drunk. You can use a app like DriveSmart, which helps block texting abilities until you arrive safely where you are going.

Ways to use your phones wisely

2.  Keep mobile phone away from your body. 

Many state around the world won’t allow you to use a handheld device while driving anyway, follow the law and guard  against any possible side effects at the same time. Bluetooth emitters help reduces the amount of radiation the brain is exposed to . Researchers especially emphasize keeping cell phones away from children. This includes pregnant women holding the phone near their torso or teenagers who want to sleep with their phone under the pillow.

Ways to use your phones wisely

3. Use phone with low SAR.

To minimize the potential risk associated with mobile phone radiation, you can purchase a device with a low SAR . SAR mans Specific Absorption Rate. This is a measure of the your exposure to radiation.

Ways to use your phones wisely

4. Use phone only with strong signal.

When you see the signal of your phone is weak, try not to use it until you are in an area where it is strong. The weaker the signal is the, more your phone boost the radio frequency in order to stay connected. That is weaker signal increases your radiation exposure. 

When you carry your cell phone with you at all times and retrieve all calls and e-communications in real times than you than you can consume making sure you’re current right up to the minute and desirable as that might sound, it promotes the notion of total dependency on your phone and that’s no way to live.

When the ability of others to reach you at any time is constant, the quality of your thoughts change. You are unable to gather your best thoughts or simply contemplate what you’ll do for the  next hours,the rest of the day or the rest of the week? Don’t ditch your cell phone, Use it wisely.