Update your iPhone 5 now or loose functionalities

Apple released the iPhone 5 to the world in 2012 and followed it with iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, and now 11 but if you’re still holding on to your iPhone 5 then you need to update to the latest OS possible within the next week or loose a lot of important functionalities.

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By November 3, any iPhone 5 not updated would loose the abilities to send and receive emails, messaging, web browsing, iCloud and Apple store access.

The company is saying the problem is down to a GPS related bug similar to the millennium bug which affects the older hardwares but newer hardwares are immune to. Apple has been displaying full screen alerts for users to install the update.

In case you miss the deadline, then you’d have to install the update manually using a PC with iTunes installed but make sure to backup your device but proceeding to update with iTunes. Over the Air (OTA) updates are relatively better and safer though plus it can be carried out from anywhere without the extra need of a computer.