SEO community rejects Google’s advice

The SEO community has rejected Google’s recommendations in hiring a search engine consultant.

Google released a video with three recommendations for hiring a SEO consultant and while their first two recommendations satisfies every party the SEO community from where the workforce comes from were quick to condemn the third advice.

Google’s three advices for hiring and SEO consultant are as follows;

  • Interview the SEO Consultant
  • Check References

These first two are fine but the thirs will require the consultant to proof his/her worth by working for free for an evaluation period, to this the community kicked against.

  • The third recommendation was to request a technical and search audit before the business hired the SEO.

This is what an SEO guru by the name Bill Slawski tweeted tagging the supposed producer of the video Danny Sullivan:

Danny responded in a thread saying he didn’t produce the video suggested that maybe the video was asking for a general overview of what was to be done.

He would afterwards concede in another thread that even a search audit was enough consulting job that should be paid for;

It’s fair enough that even an light audit can be seen at valuable consulting that wouldn’t be given away. But it’s also fair enough you don’t just hire an SEO without getting some sense of what they’re going to do. So maybe the video could be updated to balance that more

Big timer search marketer, Bill Hartzer offered some insight in a blog post which read in part

“…asking for a technical audit of a website even before the SEO is hired, is flat out bad advice. Very bad advice…”

He then pointed out that a superficial free site audit is the hallmark of a scammer.

Bill said:

“SEO consultants that provide a “technical audit” or even call it a “technical audit” for free before they’re even hired is misleading, sketchy, and not someone that you’d want to deal with in the first place. A good SEO consultant will explain to you that they won’t provide a technical SEO audit of your website for free.”

An SEO audit is legitimate work and should be paid for, no firm should mandate and require free work based on Google’s recommendations.