Say Hello to Tesla’s new Model Y all-electric – Specs, Price, Order


Tesla’s new Model Y is now available for order according to the company’s website via a newsletter dispatched on the last day of July. Packing all the basics and more, the vehicle is of the all-electric class with a cargo range of 68 cu ft, range 316 mi, and an AWD Dual Motor to round up the Model Y’s unique selling points.

As with other Tesla models, Model Y is built for safety. Achieved by making sure the car is close to the asphalt as much as allowable giving a low center of gravity and hence more overall balance. Imagine Lionel Messi and how difficult it is to push him off the ball due largely to his sporty diminutive build. I guess you can say that Teslas are Lionel Messis’ of automobile or the Apple of the smartphone industry.

Say Hello to Tesla's new Model Y all-electric. Specs, Price, Order
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Dual Motor Wheel Drive

Back to the Dual Motor we mentioned earlier. Tesla, at least according to the website claims despite the low gravity and sportiness of the Model Y the car is quite capable in all weather conditions. Independent electric motors digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels. Come rain, or shine you can expect your Model Y to keep going for you and what’s more, the Dual Motor all-electric wheel drive offers one of the best handling for sale right now. So you can be sure to get the best out of this model handling-wise in any weather.

Zero to 60 in 3.5s


The Model Y goes from 0 to 60mph in 3.5s. In other Anglophone speak, that’s 0 to 96.5606Kmh in 3.5s.


There’s room for 7 adults inside the sporty-looking Model Y. Seats of the second row opens flat to create room for your travelling luggage or camping equipment.


The Model Y gives you 158m on a 15 minutes charge and with over 17000 Tesla charging stations around the world you don’t have to worry about loosing power. Being all-electric, the Model Y can be charged from the comfort of your home and an overnight charge gives you a full battery in the morning, so you can get up and go.

Futuristic Driving View

360° CameraRear, side and forward-facing cameras provide maximum visibility
160m Forward Facing radarProvides a long-range view of distant objects
12 Ultrasonic SensorsDetect nearby cars, prevent potential collisions and assist with parking
Information Courtsey of Tesla
Say Hello to Tesla's new Model Y all-electric. Specs, Price, Order

Model Y Full Specification

BatteryLong Range
Max Cargo68 cu ft
Acceleration0 – 60mph in 3.5s
Top Speed155 mph
Range291 m (EPA est.)
Displays15″ Central Touchscreen
DriveDual Motor All-Wheel Drive
SuperchargingPay Per Use
SeatingUp to 7 Adults
WarrantyBasic Vehicle. Four years or 50,000 mi whichever comes first
Battery and Drive Units8 years or 120,000 mi whichever comes first
Information Courtsey of Tesla

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