Samsung introduces front-facing ‘slofie’ in One UI 2.0

Samsung’s One UI 2.0 which is based on Android 10 is beta-testing in South Korea and in the U.S for S10 variants. The company has decided to add the iPhone 11’s ‘slofie’ feature in the beta release, which might end up in the final stable release.

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‘slofie’ denotes slow selfie. It’s a short video shot with the front-facing camera and played back in slow motion. As with the iPhone 11’s implementation, the exact usefulness of the feature is debatable.

Other features making their way into the beta test are; Dark Mode for more apps, Focus Mode within Digital Wellbeing, less intrusive alerts for calls, volume changes, etc.

The move by Samsung to copy Apple comes as little surprise really as Android OEMs are notoriously known for adapting iPhone features, from notch to double camera set-up and triple camera set-up and now ‘slofie’ Apple keeps setting the pace for innovation in the smartphone industry.