Reactions as Microsoft shuts down Cortana mobile app

Microsoft mobile finally winds down this December, Microsoft Edge is getting a chromium base and now Cortana mobile is going six feet under. Microsoft fans are clearly grunted by the seeming lack of tenacity and endurance from one of the biggest and most revolutionary tech companies in the world. It’s becoming a pattern now and Microsoft adherents are getting agitated.

There appears to be a culture of quitting brewing in the Microsoft ecosystem and its causing serious concerns something Bill Gates should speedily address if he still can or else watch his brain lose its status as a global brand that’s trusted and reliable.

And what’s the deal with Windows 10, it seems with every update there are more broken things than fixed. Something is not right within the walls of one of the few brands that actually falls within the ‘beloved’ bracket.

Here are some reactions as users took to TechCrunch to express their displeasure at the company. What’s strange is, people appear to actually love the products leaving one all the more confused as to why the plugs are being pulled on them.

The same thing happened with the Zune. A platform that was clearly superior, in my mind. It seems that Microsoft has a knack for pulling support out, just when it seems like it’s starting to get traction.

Zune was indeed far superior and it would have been very interesting to see where that technology would have led us to today. Microsoft has a terrible habit of just pulling the plug.

This is the reason why i can’t trust Microsoft, Don’t know why they launch products if they don’t have intentions to scale them in right direction. Killed Microsoft Mobiles, Later Killed Microsoft Band (Fitness Band), Xbox kinect sensor, Service based on Kinect, Now Cortana, soon Edge Browser. hahaha … useless to belive and try Microsoft products.

Great! I abandoned Siri just in time for Microsoft to kill Cortana. It’s been great to use voice commands with Microsoft Launcher on my Pixel XL 3 to schedule appointments, set reminders, make calls, etc… I don’t really want to jump into the Google ecosystem, Microsoft seemed so much more stable in their products and services. So much for that.