How to get your National ID Card using NIMC Mobile app

Many Nigerians have obtained their National Identity Number (NIN) but they have not been able to acquire their National Identity cards despite all efforts. The introduction of the NIMC mobile ID app is a welcomed development in the country and Nigerians can


2020 in Review: Facts, Figures, People

As the most eventful year, 2020, has come and gone, people are looking forward to picking up the pieces of damage left from its conquest, as well as concentrating on making the good times of it ever-effective. Here are some of the


Happy new year from btechstories

We came through the eye of the needle, our resolve was tested. Time and again it came at us like a roaring wave on a glassless sea, but we did it we overcame. To those who were less fortunate, we celebrate for


NCC Deadline on SIM not Synchronized with NIN

The Nigeria Communication Commissions NCC alongside Chief Executives of Telecoms conveyed a meeting on 15th of December with an instruction to synchronise National Identification Number (NIN) to individual’s SIM and those unable to provide their NIN  be removed from their network. This 


50% Slash in Cost of Data What that means for Nigerians

The recent pronouncements by Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Pantami, instructing the Nigeria Communication Commission to issue a directive  to Telecoms Operators to slash by 50%  the cost of their data is a welcome development at improving data accessibility to


From 35th to 2nd: How did Elon Musk do it?

On November 23rd, 2020, Bloomberg Billionaires index billionaire ranking stated that Elon Musk is now the second richest man in the whole world. His current net worth is 127.9 billion dollars, placing Bill Gates in third place with a net worth of