Here’s how to Update Google Pixel Buds

update google pixel buds

A month after dispatch, Google revealed the principal update to Pixel Buds, and an increasingly considerable one before long followed to address the “static” murmur. With more fixes guaranteed, Google has nitty gritty how firmware refreshes chip away at Pixel Buds.

From the Pixel Buds inclinations page/application, visiting “More settings” will uncover a “Firmware update” menu that notes whether your gadget is “Cutting-edge” and when the “last effective check” happened. In the event that one is available, “Update accessible” is recorded, however there’s no genuine advancement marker about what’s going on as everything happens out of sight.

Google as of late extended the help page about firmware updates to clarify how everything functions, including the exchange and introduce process:

At the point when an update is accessible, it will be moved to your earbuds whenever you use them with your Pixel or Android 6.0+ gadget. This takes around 10 minutes, and during this time you can keep utilizing your Pixel Buds.

The update is then introduced whenever you return your earbuds to the charging case. This additionally takes around 10 minutes.

Updates may be introduced if your earbuds and charging case have adequate charge. On the off chance that they’re coming up short on power, plug them in.

It might take numerous endeavors for the update to finish. For instance, removing your earbuds from the charging case while it’s being introduced may stop the update. Be that as it may, if any piece of the procedure is intruded, don’t stress—it will continue at the following chance.

What’s notable is how getting the new firmware from your phone to the headphones “takes about 10 minutes” and that you can continue listening while that occurs. The actual update commences when the buds are placed in the case if both are sufficiently charged. This takes another 10 minutes, with the process paused if the Pixel Buds are removed. It will automatically resume when returned.