Coronavirus: Google’s information site goes live

Coronavirus: Google's information site goes live

We have been asked to expect it and it’s finally launched. Google’s coronavirus information has finally gone live at

The Verge reports that the website reports information for people in the US as at launch but contents from other regions of the world and in other languages will be served soon.

Coronavirus: Google's information site goes live

Google‘s platform contains information about the virus, direct links to health advisory material from the World Health Organization (WHO) and to public health departments for each US state, safety tips, spread data of coronavirus around the world, advice for living and working at home, and a donation drive to support the UN Foundation – COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization.

Google is curating vetted results to display in search with links to twitter accounts of authoritative persons related to the virus.

US President Donald Trump announced last week that such a platform was under construction but it was actually Verily, an Alphabet subsidiary that built it.

While Google’s site already serves plenty of content other platforms exist from WHO’s WhatsApp to Microsoft’s mobile dashboard that serves global content.