Btechstories is an online tech media outfit that focuses on technology-related issues, issues of local and global economic importance, business information and consultancy, environmental and scientific issues.

Established in October 2019, our platform has grown gradually and we continue to grow. We study our readers and continue to fine-tune or contents to best meet their tech and business information needs.

We are everywhere as we are primarily an online media house but nevertheless, physically our office is in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to inform an African generation that will herald an unprecedented explosion of science and technological innovations that will lead mankind into the next age of our existence.
  • To inform a resistance that will do business in Africa with a global perspective, reach, and acceptance.
  • To amalgamate generations yonder with the new. With the old becoming more tech-savvy, and the new digitizing the wisdom of the old for the betterment of mankind and the greatness of the African continent.

Our Vision

To become the online authority in technology, business, environmental, and scientific information in Africa by 2025, with global recognition, repute, and acceptance.