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The Nigerian tech industry is growing at a fast pace. Local actors are taking primal positions in a symbiotic relationship with foreign players. Knowledge is increasingly accessible and expertise is being forged every day giving birth to small and medium-tech startups.

Almost on a daily basis, Nigerian graduates and graduate-apprentices diversify away from some form of white-collar job to start up or join a tech-driven enterprise as Nigerian youths have begun to think of what they can do for their country and not what their country can do for them. More so, foreign actors have cast their eyes on the African giant as the “Silicon Valley of the black continent.”

There arises a need for a voice that’s unadulterated and undiluted by politics and popular culture but dedicated in its roots and core values to the art of science and technology. Enters, Btechstories.com

Who are we?

We are a tech news platform. We recognized that the technology landscape in Nigeria is fast developing and there is a need for a dedicated online news platform whose mandate is to tell the stories of the people, the enterprise (VCs), the place, and the products that form and shape the Nigerian Tech ecosystem and the world at large.

It is paramount that the Nigerian tech industry tells its story in a manner that directly impacts local businesses positively in terms of positive public relations, higher ROI and customer growth. We are an African firm with a global view. We are made in Africa, by Africans, for the world.

Where we stand.


We follow tech trends from all over the world telling these stories with a bias for the African audience in line with our mission to integrate Africa with the rest of the world by exposing her to tech trends and technology from around the world while also showcasing what, and who Africa has to offer in terms of technological advancement to the world.

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