How to get your National ID Card using NIMC Mobile app

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NIMC Mobile app

Many Nigerians have obtained their National Identity Number (NIN) but they have not been able to acquire their National Identity cards despite all efforts. The introduction of the NIMC mobile ID app is a welcomed development in the country and Nigerians can finally heave a sigh of relief since they wouldn’t have to go through any challenge to get their cards now. The e-ID card allows Nigerians to provide their national ID cards on the go for verification, identification and other procedures.


I: Download the NIMC mobile app via Play store (for Android users) and Apple store (for iOS users).

2: Enter in your NIN. Click “NEXT.”

3:  Read and agree to the Attestation.

4:   The mobile number you registered for NIN with will pop up in this format “08084XXX358” Select {I am still using the number} and click “NEXT.”

5: You will receive a message with a unique user ID and an OTP via your mobile number. Enter in the alphabetic part of the unique user ID – the numeric part is already prepopulated. Then “Type in” the OTP. Click “NEXT.”

6:  Check and verify your details

7:  Enter your PIN twice and click “NEXT.” The PIN is to protect your details on the NIMC app. You will need it whenever you want to log into the NIMC app

8: Wait for your dashboard to load. Voila! Your electronic ID card is ready.

On your dashboard, you can select different options like “Show my ID.” This will display your electronic National Identity card. Other options are “Get virtual NIN.” “Scan my ID.” Etc. With your e-ID card on your mobile device, you don’t have to always carry your ID cards around.

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