GirlsCanCode: Nigerian start-up to train female students to code

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Training schedule and registration details


Nigerian startup GirlsCanCode is set to train female secondary school student in computer programming. Application is open to all interested students regardless of their departments Art, Science or Commercial.

The initiative is aimed at educating young women to take up IT and tech-related roles within an emerging tech-hub like Nigeria and other parts of Africa. When asked about the goal of the programme, the founder, Mr. Richard Ore stated;

To educate women to take on leading tech jobs and positions around the globe and to increase the women in tech population across Africa

Richard Ore is a leading software engineer with lots of years of experience and a strong women-in-tech and girl-child-education advocate as well as the pioneer of the #GirlsCanCode movement.

According to him “The training is going to be in multiple batches and students will be able to graduate through beginners to advanced/professional roles.”

The training will be in two folds;

  1. Zoom training classes
  2. Secondary students training sessions which will often happen on the school premises

Already there are over 650 registered students.

The programme has also attracted world-renowned IT training personnel who are experts in one technology or the other such as Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, web frameworks, REST APIs, etc.

Registration is ongoing for the training that’s scheduled to commence this month. Interested participants can still register here.

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