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We came through the eye of the needle, our resolve was tested. Time and again it came at us like a roaring wave on a glassless sea, but we did it we overcame.

To those who were less fortunate, we celebrate for you for if you were here, we know you’d throw a party. We take comfort in knowing that while you were here, you played your part in making the world a better place.

Now we must carry on, forge ahead. Victory is on the horizon though a way off. But for you, for us, and for our children, we press on courageously. We hoped when there was none, now hope is renewed at the turn of the season.

Cheers if you made it, bottoms up, we won.


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Alexander Ore

A mathematician, a budding PR / Advertising Consultant. An Artist, a businessman. A Lover of books, sports, and most especially gadgets and the stories that surround them.

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