Laptops and the ‘yahoo yahoo’ menace

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The laptop is an important tech gadget, developed to carry out the functions of a desktop in a much suitable and convenient manner. It is a microcomputer and it comes in different shapes, sizes, and variances. Palmtops are similar but smaller versions of desktops. This important tech gadget has saved a lot of people from inconveniences and hassles associated with moving desktops about and has therefore helped to gain access to the computer anywhere at any time at one’s convenience.

It is in fact a piece of tech innovation anyone was proud to move around with not until the advent of the yahoo-yahoo’ menace. This menace has given a serious dent to the laptop imagery in Nigeria today. The sight of a laptop today quickly brings to mind ‘yahoo yahoo’ menace and if anyone is asked about things associated with laptops today, the first thing that comes to mind is the ‘yahoo yahoo’ menace. This has indeed become a stereotype that anyone seen with laptops all the time is likely labeled a fraudster. In fact, the security agencies in Nigeria often watch out for items such as laptops to identify a yahoo yahoo fraudster. While the menace is not limited to laptops alone, laptops seem to be the most affected by this labelling. Today in Nigeria, it is scary to go about with laptops especially if one’s source of income is unknown to the public. Such a person is probably considered a suspect even by security agencies.

This indeed is a sad narrative to the tech world that such a piece of technological innovation can suffer such negative insinuations and stereotypes. It is damaging and counterproductive and could affect the sales and usage of such tech items in Nigeria.

Today Nigeria is one of the countries of the world with high tech cyber crimes and it is becoming daily difficult for the government to deal with the situation because of the lack of high tech innovations to deal with such crimes and this is helping to build up the negative perception that the first item to watch out for from a fraudster is a laptop.

It is for this reason, that the Computer Association of Nigeria, Computer Dealers Association of Nigeria, and other relevant body need to come up and debunk these insinuations and stereotype in the minds of Nigerians and even security agencies that the laptop is not necessarily what to look out for in identifying a yahoo yahoo suspect. A thorough investigation should be conducted using high tech devices, even though we are not saying or denying the fact that the laptop is an important tool in the hands of fraudsters and\or online scammers carrying out their nefarious activities in Nigeria.

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