NCC Deadline on SIM not Synchronized with NIN

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The Nigeria Communication Commissions NCC alongside Chief Executives of Telecoms conveyed a meeting on 15th of December with an instruction to synchronise National Identification Number (NIN) to individual’s SIM and those unable to provide their NIN  be removed from their network. This  according to them is to consolidate on the gain of the process.

While this is a welcome development at curbing insecurity, it at the same time will inflict a lot of hardship on Nigerians as crowds will envelope telecoms offices and this is much dangerous at a time covid 19 is ravaging. Asides is the issue of large percentage of Nigerians without NIN and the negative impact of removing large numbers of subscribers from their respective network on that basis. 

It is important that the  Government needs to consider the fact that millions whose livelihoods depend on phones are going to be rendered incommunicado as majority of Nigerians still don’t have NIN. The rural dwellers and the aged that depend on communication from their loved ones in the cities will also be affected. The communication companies will itself witness a drastic reduction in revenue turnover and this may lead to mass retrenchment.

The Government should endeavour to give ample time and opportunities to those without NIN to get theirs as December 30th deadline for removing subscribers unable to provide their NIN is too short. This may lead to National crisis because of the role phone tech as assumed in the lives of Nigerians as it could be seen as it could be seen as a ploy to gagging or regulating use of social media by reducing the numbers of those having access to it.

And for those who have registered with National identity Management Registration Council NIMRC, here is a tip on how to get your National Identification Number. Dial *346# on the number you registered with and there you get your National Identity Number NIN. It is not visible on your card even if u have it. It costs just N20.

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