iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR enhancing the vision of the visually impaired

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A video showing how accessibility and tech are coming together was posted and showcased online by BBC click. The video  showcased also the effect of LiDAR sensor in the iPhone 12 Pro and its support to the visually impaired.

iPhone 12 Pro is the first iPhone to build in LiDAR sensor. The sensor  enables and gives the camera  better understanding of the environment  as it does not only has a noticeable impact for photographers, but with those with accessibility challenges.

In the YouTube channel posted by BBC click to coincide and mark the International Day of Persons With Disabilities which delves with advancements, accessibility and technology the built for that purpose.

This developments centres around the accessibility and inclusion of such tech development to enhance the vision of the visually impaired. According to an online report, a Blind reporter Lucy Edwards  investigates how AI helps visually-impaired people identify people and objects with their phones, while Niamh Hughes looks at the strides made in gaming accessibility, through the prism of her own experiences.

According to an online investigation on the impact of LiDAR in the iPhone 12 Pro is that it enables blind persons to precisely navigate their neighborhood, detect when people were close to them, and more accurately identify things around them.

The Lidar Sensor iPhone 12 Pro, helps the visually impaired to confidently navigates its environment. This level of innovations is helping the different categories of people to see the need to always make use of cellphones for other purposes aside making of calls and other ancillary purposes the phone is noted for.

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