5 Ways to Improve Omnichannel Customer Experience

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With various social platforms available the attention span of a client is short, it is important that you grab your customer’s attention by every means possible using the various channels to your advantage. Omni-channel customer experience is simply creating your brand’s presence across multiple online and offline channels.

Omni-channel when understood properly can be used to deliver a great customer experience, customer experience should always be paramount across every channel as well as making shopping experience convenient. All channels should be made user friendly to enable your customer to navigate through, it is important Omni-channel marketing strategy is taken seriously as this can help retain and gain new customers.

Omni-channel customer experience can also be used to understand your customer’s pain points, when this has been discovered, the solution to the customer’s pain point should be implemented into your Omni-channel customer experience strategy to make customers experience seamless, not only would you be creating a good brand persona that understands its clients, you can also increase your revenue when you apply a solution that solves a major need for your customers as your customers will mostly trust and shop from you when a need of theirs is being met. (e.g., Starbucks made ordering and payment easier for customers, by making it possible to pre-order for your coffee via an app and this increased their ROI by 29%)

What defines a good Omni-channel customer experience?

The five key ingredients for an effective Omni-channel customer experience. These five ingredients that should be taken into great consideration for an effective Omni-channel customer experience

  • Convenience
  • Consistency
  • Relevance
  • Empowerment
  • Agility

Each ingredient should be understood and applied strategically

  • It is vital in every stage that the experience is made convenient for the customer, if not convenient there is no chance of the customer heading unto the next stage.
  • Consistency helps in building brand trust, it is important to show up with compelling contents always, if the customers trust your brand, they would shop with you.
  • Every customer that comes in contact with your brand ought to feel important , customer service should be tailored to suit every customer, when personalized this way , you will emotionally grab the customers attention and win them over
  • Providing customers with well detailed information needed to complete a transaction should be considered, when there is understanding, there is trust, and where there is trust there is a higher chance of sale.
  • As a brand , you should always be on the lookout at the direction your customers are headed, take advantage of new technology that comes up for better communication with your customer

Omni-channel customer experience tips

  • Mobile experience : people expect a great mobile experience , as more people are searching and buying on mobile , it is important that your website is responsive and optimized for mobile, as mobile is huge and this is a great option to explore to increase ROI
  • Quick response to customer issues: customers feel frustrated when they have issues that take time to be resolved, it is important that the response time to resolving customer issues is as short as possible as this will help in their decision making.
  • Content: contents being put out should represent the persona of the brand effectively and also be able to speak to the interest of the consumers.

Omni-channel customer service is the solution for forward-thinking businesses in this era of various technologies in use. However, customer satisfaction is key; no matter the channel being used the customer service should be unforgettable to the client

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