Tech Innovations; A Panacea in Curbing Youth Restiveness

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The country recently witnessed unprecedented youth restiveness, under the cover of the #endsars protest. Although the protest was germane and a well organized, a peaceful protest aimed at curtailing Police brutality in the country, it however suddenly turned sour, bloody, and accompanied by massive looting and destructions of lives and properties.

There is no doubt the level of poverty and deprivation in Nigeria lend a hand to such upheaval under the guise of #endsars protest. For a country urgently in need of technological innovation to curb restiveness and poverty, the Indian and Chinese model where millions were lifted out of poverty through Tech Innovations has presents a model to emulate in order to grow our economy, create jobs for teeming graduates, and fight youth restiveness through the knowledge-driven economy.

The government should encourage and introduce ICT and Tech development at the grassroots to train youths in various Technological Innovations. In fact, there should be some form of technological artisanship where youths are engaged in skill acquisition in all basic technology, similar to the Chinese which deals more on practicals and less theory. China was able to study the peculiarity of its economy, by engaging more on technological skill acquisitions with less focus on theories, and today, it is competing favorably with the developed world in terms of technology transfer. Similarly, Indian has become renowned in software development and has been able to relegate Nigeria as the poverty capital of the world.

Although activities of some Tech innovators in Nigeria need to be acknowledged, one of such is the computer village and other places in Nigeria, where youths engage in various technological activities and discoveries, the Government can invite Chinese and Indians to impact Tech innovations on the youths and from there, the youths can begin their Tech discoveries, and that may ultimately make discover our silicon valley here in Nigeria.

In addition, youths are known to have made all forms of Tech discoveries should be provided with grants by the Federal Government for mass production and to encourage more research. This will gradually keep the youths out of the street and ultimately make us technologically reliable to some extent.

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Olanrewaju Shodimu

A political and public commentator, seasoned and prolific content creator, a feature writer and a tech enthusiast.

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